Linda Living Alley

The Linda Living Alley Project is an opportunity to create a model shared street in the heart of the Mission district. The project proposes to turn a dead end street into a thriving green space offering opportunities for neighborhood gathering, gardening, and play. These living streets amenities would be paired with traffic-calming measures to create a common space that may be safely shared by pedestrians, bicyclists, and low-speed motor vehicles. The project takes advantage of the unique physical site of the 100 block of Linda Street which sits adjacent to a neighborhood park in the heart of the Mission. It transforms a sub-standard and non-accessible sidewalk into a enlivened green space. In addition, it supports the inititative of a unique group of motivated neighbors, the Linda Street Gardeners, who see this as a first step in transforming their block.

The Linda Living Alley Project broadly embraces the approach of the San Francisco Better Streets Plan. More specifically, it complements the Mission District Streetscape Plan and aspires to the guidelines for alleys and small streets as well as traffic calming measures outlined in it. The project proposes a phased development of the street beginning with sidewalk landscaping, then introducing parklets and/or bulbouts to provide additional green space and community gathering spots, and finally implementing traffic calming elements on the corner of Linda and 19th Street. Each of these phases will improve the street in different ways and although ideally combined, they may exist as independent upgrades.

This project attempts to create connections to the broader environmental goals of the city and the programs it is developing to support them. Most specifically these include urban greening, the creation of habitat, increased public space, traffic calming, stormwater management, and more livable streets. The programs we seek to engage with the project include: Pavement to Parks, Parklet Program, Green Connections, and the Living Alley Project. Through a group of community partners and advisors, we are attempting to pilot the guidelines promoted by these programs. Our project advisors and partners include: Nick Elsner, Department of Public Works; David Winslow, Department of City Planning; Paul Chasan, Pavement to Parks Program/Parklet Program; Illaria Salvadori, Pavement to Parks; Peter Brastow, Biodiversity Coordinator SF Environment; and Kirstin Dischinger, San Francisco Planning Department.