A Curious Cinema: Love Life of the Octopus

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Friday, January 29, 2010
5:30 PM

A Curious Cinema: Love Life of the Octopus

Inspired by the unique way that film can induce a sense of wonder and transport us to otherworldly places, A Curious Cinema has been designed to captivate, spellbind and intrigue six year-olds and up. Presented by Studio for Urban Projects co-founder Marina McDougall and educator Bryan Welch of acurious.org.

Love Life of the Octopus
What creature exudes surreal, alien mystery in quite the same way as a cephalopod? Literally meaning “head foot” – cephalopods are the shapeshifters of the subaquatic world. Ambulatory on land and jet-powered in water, these brainy creatures change color to conceal themselves and elude predators amidst clouds of ink. The surrealist pioneer of underwater filmmaking Jean Painleve captures their essence in his “Love Life of the Octopus” (1967, 14 min.). We’ll also show Steve Haddock & Brad Siebel’s “Baby Squid, Born Like Stars” (2006, 6 min.). Then we’ll explore cephalopod adaptations through the dissection of a Humboldt squid and make Gyotaku prints using squid ink. Special guests include Justin Holl & Peter Winch from Gulf of the Farallones Visitor Center and printmaker Julie Whitcomb.

A simple hot vegetarian meal will be served. All ages welcome! Our programs are designed with children age 6 and up in mind. Children over 6 need not be accompanied by an adult.


Please reserve a spot by e-mailing rsvp@studioforurbanprojects.org. Space is limited. Sliding scale $10-$30 per person at the door.

Studio for Urban Projects
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