Exploring Mission Creek

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Sunday, October 14, 2012
1:00 PM

Exploring Mission Creek

A walking tour with Chris Carlsson, Leslie Golden, Megan Prelinger, and the Urbia Adventure League

Date: October 14
Time: Urbia Quest 1:00-2:00 pm, Walking Tour 2:00-5:00 pm
Location: Mission Creek Park, meet at the boat launch. 
Directions: The boat launch is on the North side of Mission Creek Park. Look for the blue boat house near the highway 280 overpass. MUNI metro N-Judah, T-Line and bus lines 15, 30, and 45 have stops in the vicinity of Mission Creek Park.
Register: Suggested donation $10.00-20.00
To register please e-mail: info@studioforurbanprojects.org

San Francisco recently launched its new partnership with the Biophilic City Project to become not only a “green” city but one that encourages functioning ecosystems, wildlife, and an abundance of nature. How is the design of our city parks rethinking their role as habitat as well as public green space? How can looking back to the original ecology of our cities inform the ways in which we consider redesigning them?

Join us for a walking tour of Mission Creek. We will explore the natural history of Mission Bay, an estuary once teaming with wildlife as the tides ebbed and flowed over rich mud flats. After years of urban and industrial development that culverted Mission Creek and toxified its waters, dozens of birds and aquatic species have returned to the tidal channel in Mission Creek Park, a remnant of this former watershed. How was the Park designed to create a habitat in the city? What species live here now and can be encouraged to thrive? More broadly, with inspiring examples of daylighting streams, such as the Cheonggyecheon Stream in the heart of Seoul, how can we re-think the ways in which waterways might be integrated into our cities?

Our speakers will include author and historian Chris Carlsson who edited, revised and expanded the book Vanished Waters: A History of San Francisco’s Mission Bay; Leslie Golden of Golden Associates, an award-winning Landscape Architect and Urban Planner who was responsible for the planting design of Mission Creek Park; and Megan Prelinger, co-founder of the Prelinger Library, a public resource for land-use history and urbanism. Megan is a naturalist, member of bird rescue organizations, and a SF Nature Education guide. On hand to add to the discussion will be Amber Hasselbring of Nature in the City, and Ginny Stearns, a Mission Creek houseboat resident and local expert on Mission Creek wildlife.

Early in the day Damien Raffa and Barbara Corff of the Urbia Adventure League  will be piloting their new quest for Mission Creek. Families are welcome to come at 1:00 pm to explore the park and enjoy the latest edition of this great San Francisco self-guided adventure series.

This event is co-presented with Nature in the City.

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