Field Notes: Lake Union Park Opening

Event Details

Saturday, September 25, 2010
11:00 AM

Field Notes: Lake Union Park Opening

The Studio for Urban Projects will launch Field Notes: Observing Lake Union in conjunction with the grand opening of Lake Union Park in Seattle, Washington on September 25. Field Notes is an audio tour of the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop. The tour focuses on four sites along the Loop including Lake Union Park, Fairview Park, Gas Works Park and the mouth of the Lake Washington Ship Canal.

Field Notes explores the underlying ecology of Lake Union and its dramatic transformation through eras of geologic change, Native American stewardship, European settlement, commercial industry and large-scale infrastructural development as well as urban planning and park design. By experiencing the tour visitors will gain insight into the complex interplay between the lake’s natural ecology and the changing human values that have shaped Lake Union.

Each site incorporates an introductory piece narrated by the Studio for Urban Projects, indicated with a sign and call in number on the Loop trail. Within each site, observation points are marked with printed flags providing additional call in numbers. These points allow visitors to listen to a collage of voices gathered from interviews with local scholars, ecologists, historians, plant experts, foragers, residents, and designers among others. The observations focus on the specifics of the site and collectively speak to the lakes layered history.

In addition, a project hotline will allow Seattle residents and visitors to call in to offer their own expertise to the project. These contributions will be edited and published periodically for the duration of the project. The hotline allows the piece to continue to grow and benefit from the voices of community members.

Members from the Studio for Urban Projects will be on-site at the Lake Union Park opening from 11am to 2pm. Positioned near the main park entrance, Studio members will share information about the piece with visitors, hand out project maps and encourage visitors to share their insights on the Field Notes hotline.