Resilient Landscapes

This talk was recorded at the Field Lab, a temporary insallation created by the Studio for Urban Projects as Designers-In-Residence at the Exploratorium’s Bay Observatory.  The Field Lab explored the dynamics of the San Francisco Bay in a time of climate change, engaging the public in the questions shaping our region and all coastal cities. This talk examined the ways in which the Bay’s historical ecology may inform our approaches to climate change adaptation. We’ll look at ways in which “green” infrastructures of restored wetlands and oyster reefs, which help buffer against rising tides, can mix with the “grey” infrastructures of sea walls, levees, and dikes to produce new models of urban infrastructure. We will explore how our approaches to adaptation have direct consequences for the biodiversity and ecological resilience of the Bay Area. And we’ll address ways in which we, as citizen scientists, can track the changes taking place, which can inform potential solutions. Moderated by Alison Sant, co-founder and partner in the Studio for Urban Projects. (Recorded at the Exploratorium Oct. 20, 2016, mp3 64:51).

Katharyn Boyer, Professor of Biology at San Francisco State’s Romberg Tiburon Center
Rebecca Johnson, Director of Citizen Science at the California Academy of Sciences.
Shawn Lani, Founding Director of the Exploratorium’s Studio for Public Spaces.