Field Lab: Tidelands Oct. 13

Visit the Field Lab and explore the dynamics of the San Francisco Bay. From the critters that live in the tidelands to the impacts of rising seas to the regional policies and projects that will help us adapt to the effects of climate change, the Field Lab will engage the public in understanding our tidelands. Over three weeks, the Field Lab will be installed in front of the museum providing a venue for hands-on workshops, talks, radio broadcasts, a research library, and film screenings. 

Thursday, October 13
12:00–3:00 p.m.
Field Lab Library
Come browse titles from the Exploratorium’s Fisher Bay Observatory Gallery. Flip through a field guide to underwater plants or learn about the tides.

1:00 p.m. 
Lab and Lunch: Planning for Climate Change
With Larry Goldzband, Laura Tam, and Gil Kelley
Bring your lunch and join a discussion about how coastal cities are planning for climate change, how we understand where and how to make our cities more resilient, what opportunities we have for community engagement and better public spaces, and how these projects are permitted without disrupting longstanding conservation policies. Alison Sant, cofounder and partner in the Studio for Urban Projects, will moderate. Archived recording here (mp3 55:34).

Larry Goldzband is Executive Director of the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC)
Laura Tam is SPUR’s Sustainability Director
Gil Kelley is the General Manager of Planning, Urban Design, and Sustainability for the city of Vancouver

2:00–3:00 p.m.
Observing the Bay
With Lori Lambertson
Join us for a demonstration exploring the dynamics of the Bay. Observe the changing tides, the salinity of the Bay’s waters, and how greenhouse gases effect our air and water.

Lori Lambertson
, Senior Educator of the Exploratorium Teacher Institute

7:00 p.m.
Tide Log
With Cris Benton and Marina Psaros
Learn about our changing tides with presenters who use photography to document the Bay. Explore Cris Benton’s kite aerial photography from his book Saltscapes, which examines the South Bay Salt Ponds, the largest wetland restoration project on the West Coast.

Marina Psaros, Founder of the King Tides Project, will share photographs of a 10-year long citizen science project documenting king tides in coastal areas around the world. Her work provides insight into future average tides based on the flooding that we now experience twice a year, when the moon is closest to Earth.

Cris Benton, author of Saltscapes: The Kite Aerial Photography of Cris Benton
Marina Psaros, Founder of the King Tides Project

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