Cycling Cities


“Since the first time since the car became the dominant form of American transportation after World War II, there is now a grassroots movement to seize at least part of the street back from motorists.”
Pedaling Revolution, Jeff Mapes

San Francisco is being transformed by newly painted bike lanes, cycle tracks, bike boxes and a master plan for integrating safe bicycle transport throughout the city. What is happening here is mirrored by similar efforts in Portland, New York, Seattle, Minneapolis and many other US cities.

Join us for a discussion examining the emerging bicycling movement and how it is changing our cities. What are models of integrated urban transit? How do we design for increased numbers of cyclists? What are our aspirations for integrating cycling into our urban fabric? What is the history of bike advocacy and how has it shaped contemporary political dialog?

Our panelists will include Leah Shahum the Director of the San Francisco Bike Coalition; Heath Maddox, Transportation Planner at SFMTA who is overseeing San Francisco’s new bike sharing program; Architect David Baker; and Chris Carlsson, author, historian, and co-originator of Critical Mass. The evening’s panel will be moderated by Sabrina Merlo, the former Regional Advocacy Director of the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition.

Thursday, April 14 7:30pm

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